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Professional with over 20 Years Experience

Karla Cuthbertson is the owner and founder of Infinite Sunshine, PLLC and SHINE for Kids. To date she is the creator and author of the SHINE© Mindfulness Activity Journal for Kids, the SHINE© Student Planner, and SHINE Affirmation cards. She has also created the SHINE Group for an in-person mindfulness experience.


With over 20 years of experience in both pediatrics and the educational system as a licensed and National Board-Certified Occupational Therapist, Karla has a passion for working with children using a holistic approach. She looks at children for who they are inside, not labels or diagnoses. She uses intuitive skills to guide activities while also teaching them skills to live a life with mindfulness. She helps them Shine their inner light and grow into their highest potential.

Karla Cuthbertson, OTR/L
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Skilled & Artful Therapist

Karla is a skilled and artful therapist. I have witnessed her ability to adapt and deliver quality therapy treatments to students in a way that was meaningful and beneficial to each one. She was able to accurately determine a student's needs and develop realistic and achievable goals. If a student's progress seemed to be lagging, Karla was diligent in searching for new information and treatments to apply in order to help that student move beyond the barrier and meet their goals. Karla was able to clearly convey in writing and in person, a student's abilities, strengths, and needs to professionals and non-professionals alike, allowing parents and professionals to understand the child's potential through occupational therapy.  

- Emilie Saab, OTR/L 

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