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Giving Back to the community


The story behind the fundraiser…

I conducted a pilot study of the SHINE Journal with a 3rd-grade classroom at Imagine Schools Town Center. When showing and explaining the SHINE Journal to the 3rd-grade students, one of the students asked, “if the journal works out, will you give back to the schools?”

I answered, “YES!” not knowing how, what or when I would; I just knew I would do something! After hearing that a few teachers at another school were interested in trying the SHINE Journal in their class. I had the idea to do a fundraiser, and I would use the funds raised to get the journal into other classrooms and schools of those interested. And Sponsor a Class was born.


It started out as a smaller goal of raising money to fund classrooms of a few teachers who had heard or seen the SHINE Journal and were interested in trying it in their classroom. However, the fundraising response was so much better than expected that we raised the goal to get the SHINE journal in at least one classroom at each school in Flagler County. As of today, we met that goal!!

All proceeds go to providing kids with the SHINE experience. SHINE is not a 501(c)3

Imagine Elementary School

Old Kings Elementary School


Giving back with Scholarships...


I believe in the SHINE experience so much I want ALL kids to have an opportunity to participate. Therefore, I am starting a scholarship program to help kids whose families are struggling financially, those impacted by the current pandemic, as well as kids with special needs have access to the SHINE Group or the SHINE Journal. There will be partial and full scholarships available, dependent on funding.


Additionally, we are launching a SHINE ambassador program that would also be eligible for a scholarship.


I believe that all kids can benefit from the SHINE experience however, from my own personal and professional experiences, those kids whose families are struggling could benefit from having a program or journal that shows and teaches them how to have kindness, gratitude, and positivity towards themselves but also provides tools through fun activities that helps them work through emotions, anxiety, and stress. 

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Give Back Here

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All proceeds go to providing the  SHINE Experience for kids. SHINE is not a 501(c)3

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