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SHINE Groups

In-Person (group or Individual options)Online (group or individual options), Contact Karla to decide which program is best for you and your family.

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The SHINE Program is a group that focuses and expands on concepts in the SHINE Journal and SHINE Planner.


The SHINE group encourages FUN while learning. It has a mix of interactive activities based on the theme/concept that day as well as other activities such as focus and breathing, movement, etc., and sometimes arts and crafts type activities.


It’s an opportunity for kids to learn, problem-solve and expand on concepts in a fun, proactive way. Also, the kids have an opportunity to ask questions, interact, and problem-solve while I am available to help explain, guide and show them how to turn around any negative thoughts and statements.

Sunday SHINE Groups


Open enrollment and Flexible Attendance 

8wks: $100

Drop-ins: $15 

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