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Welcome to the SHINE Experience!

The SHINE Mindfulness Journal for Kids© is a fun, interactive journal that contains rich character-building exercises along with daily journal pages to bring out the best in your child. The Journal pages and activities are short, colorful, and engaging. They are designed to help kids learn kindness and gratitude as well as develop strategies to calm, focus and decrease anxiety while also having a positive mindset toward themselves. The journal helps kids be happy, enjoy life, improve overall well-being.... and SHINE!


Our mission is to have kids be their authentic selves and SHINE their light. It is also to encourage kids to show kindness and gratitude towards them selves and others as well as to help them find more positive ways to see and respond to things in their lives.



Our vision is for every child to know they have a voice and to feel heard. For all kids to have access to some version of SHINE which has proven to be a game-changer for all. The benefits far exceeded what the child gets out of the journal individually but also what it does for classrooms as a whole and families in the homes.


The SHINE Experience Includes:

There are numerous ways for the children to access the SHINE experience:

  • The SHINE Mindfulness Journal for Kids Original/Home version

  • The SHINE Mindfulness Journal for Kids School Edition

  • The SHINE notebook

  • SHINE empowerment affirmation cards

  • The SHINE group experience

  • SHINE Workshops

The SHINE Mindfulness Journal for Kids Original/Home version:

The Original Journal is a month-long journal that is broken up into four weeks. It includes weekends, weekly activity suggestion calendars, planners, posters, and affirmations that can be removed and hung up as well as daily journal sheets and activities sprinkled in each week. *Note: this can be done in school too


The SHINE Mindfulness Journal for Kids School Edition:

The School Edition is a nine-week-long journal that is set up to flow with the school day schedule. There are nine weekly planner pages in the front of the book, and the daily journal sheets and activities are continuous pattern through the remaining part of the book. The weekend days were also omitted. This way, there are no missed pages or activities. The students just continue to the next unused page. *Note: this can be done at home too    


The SHINE Notebook:

The notebook is a blank-colored lined notebook. It can be used for writing notes or comments from activities in the journal. It can be used for creative writing and or expression. It can be used for anything you want.


SHINE Empowerment Affirmation Cards:

The cards are a fun way to add positivity to your day. It is great for all ages, including adults. Have fun with them. You can just look through them. You can shuffle and pick one for a message just for you. You can pick one for a message for someone else. You can pick more than one at a time. You can play memory games with them. If you have two sets, you can play matching games with them.


The SHINE Group Experience:

The group can be done in person or online. It is an expansion of concepts in the journal. The group has a mix of interactive activities, relaxation techniques, movement, and at times includes arts and craft type activities. 



*Stay tuned as SHINE continues to evolve with new ideas, activities, and content to benefit kids.


**The SHINE Journal can be done by almost any age; however, some kids may need

help reading the content and writing the answers. 


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