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Community Event to Help Schools 


About this fundraiser:

SHINE for Kids is Empowerment for Kids. With your support at the Fun Run Fundraiser, we aim to make the SHINE Student Planner more accessible to all local elementary schools by providing funding to offset the costs. By participating in the event, you are directly contributing to students' well-being and academic growth. 

Together, let's make a difference in education by empowering students with the tools and resources they need to thrive. Join us for the Fun Run Fundraiser and help us bring the SHINE Student Planner to schools, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to shine! 

Don't miss this chance to make an impact! Register for the Fun Run Fundraiser today and support our mission to transform education, one student at a time.

All proceeds go to providing kids with the SHINE experience. SHINE is not a 501(c)3

Rymfire Elementary School
9:30 am - 11:30 am, July 15th

Fun Run starts at 10:00 am sharp
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No fee
to register!!

Here's how you can make a difference:

1. Register and Fundraise for the Fun Run:  


Calling all young athletes! Prepare for an exhilarating adventure as your child takes to the track at Rymfire Elementary School. 


Our enclosed, secure area provides a worry-free space for them to run freely and showcase their boundless energy. And guess what? You're invited to join in the fun too. Feel free to run right along with them!


To make fundraising a breeze, we've got you covered. Upon registration, your child will receive their own unique sponsorship link. You can share the link far and wide, making it easy for everyone to show their support. 


Registration is free! If you raise $15 or more, you will be eligible to receive a free t-shirt (while supplies last) and various prizes for most donations, most laps, and some surprise prizes!


Also, one important thing to note is that this is a fundraiser to help ALL local elementary schools, so any school is eligible to receive fundraising efforts. Please contact us about your child's school, specifically if you would love them to have the Shine Experience. 


Ready for a day of family bonding, fun, and support for a great cause? Register today and let the excitement begin!

Sign-up here NO FEE TO REGISTER!!

2. Join The Family Fun Festivities: 


Join us for an exciting extravaganza with fun activities that everyone will enjoy. Entry is only $5 for your ENTIRE family. Some of the festivities include face painting, thrilling field day games, yummy food vendors, engaging crafts, exciting seed planting, super soakers, and a whole lot more!


No need to worry about signing up in advance – show up fully prepared to immerse yourselves in non-stop fun!


We've curated activities that will bring smiles to the faces of all ages. Engage in friendly competition with a variety of thrilling field day games that will keep everyone on their toes. Unleash your creativity with captivating crafts that will bring out the artist within you. Get your hands dirty and nurture your green thumb as you plant seeds and connect with nature. And don't forget the ultimate water fight – our super soakers will provide refreshing and exciting moments of laughter and splashes!


So mark your calendars and bring your family for a day of unforgettable memories. 

3. Become a Sponsor: 


Join Us as a Sponsor and Make a Lasting Impact on Children's Lives!


If you share our passion for empowering kids with incredible tools and helping them thrive, we would be deeply honored to have you as a sponsor. As a token of our gratitude, we will proudly feature your company logo on the back of our Fun Run T-shirts.


Also, we have an opportunity for your company to be featured in our student planner with advertising space. See below for specific Platinum options and Ad sizes. 

We currently have 2 Tiers of Sponsorship for your consideration.



Specific for Events that will entail your logo on the site as well as on the back of the t-shirts


Any amount or contributions are welcome for Gold Sponsorship.

Sponsors, please email your logo to


Platinum - coming soon

Sponsors Donate here

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Choose your amount: 

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All proceeds go to providing the  SHINE Experience for kids. SHINE is not a 501(c)3

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